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IMG_0001.pngTexas is broken. 12 viewsdafaicMar 22, 2011
IMG_0065.jpgUnmolested and about a month old #212 viewsdafaicMar 22, 2011
IMG_0068.jpgUnmolested and about a month old12 viewsdafaicMar 22, 2011
IMG_6184.jpgYeah it got egged. 12 views2:30 in the afternoon on an August DAY. I was gone from the house from 2:30-3:30 that day and my neighbor across the street had been in and out all day. Someone still slipped through our neighborhood and hit my truck. The egg was cooked by the time I got home. Thank God the only damage was from the shell. I was really scared when I took it to wash it the paint or clear would come off but it didn't.dafaicMar 22, 2011
IMG_0001.jpgWifes Infiniti12 viewsdafaicMar 22, 2011
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