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My_Truck_001~0.jpg124 viewsI do believe this frame sits higher then the frame that was originally on this truck. But thats fine.. I have wanted this truck since i first seen it and wanted to keep the body so when i got the chance to make my truck to a powerstroke i jumped on the chance to do so and bought a 94 powerstroke and swapped the bodies out so i could have the body i like with the power of a powerstroke. I'm excited to get my dash put back together and seats in and all the wiring put back in.. just can't wait to drive it. Will post pictures as this project progresses..bigtooter73Mar 15, 2011
My_Truck_003~0.jpg14 viewsI have to still put some things back together on the motor but other then a few things it should fire up with no hitches ..bigtooter73Mar 15, 2011
My_Truck_005.jpg13 viewsWe wanted to to take a few pictures of it before we put the bed back on the frame. I'm hoping that we can get this truck put back together soon. bigtooter73Mar 15, 2011
My_Truck_009~0.jpg12 viewsWe just sat the bed of the truck on the frame and i encountered the heat shield was holding the frame from sitting perfectly on the frame but me and a buddy of mine got it on there. bigtooter73Mar 15, 2011
My_Truck_014.jpg12 viewsThe truck is coming along little by little.. bigtooter73Mar 15, 2011
My_Truck_012.jpg17 viewsbigtooter73Feb 06, 2011
My_Truck_019.jpg114 viewsbigtooter73Feb 06, 2011
My_Truck_020.jpg15 viewsbigtooter73Feb 06, 2011
My_Truck_025.jpg14 viewsbigtooter73Feb 06, 2011
My_Truck_009.jpg107 viewsbigtooter73Feb 06, 2011
My_Truck_001.jpg14 viewsbigtooter73Feb 05, 2011
My_Truck_003.jpg16 viewsbigtooter73Feb 05, 2011
My_Truck_008.jpg16 viewsbigtooter73Feb 05, 2011
My_Truck_010.jpg14 viewsbigtooter73Feb 05, 2011
My_Truck_022.jpg13 viewsbigtooter73Feb 05, 2011
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