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0704dp_08_z+ford_f250_fx4_power_stroke+driving_between_canyon.jpg Sandstone Canyon Run54 viewsFreewheeler
2.jpg373 viewsFOR SAlE- This is a 1995 Powerstroke 4x4 diesel 4 door Bronco. Has 141,652 miles. These were special and expensive conversions that were sent out by Ford to be done and then sold through their dealerships. There were only 2000 made between 1985 and 1996. They ended the production run with the coming of the Expedition and later the Excursion. These trucks with the 1ton 4x4 diesel topping the scale at an excess of $46,800 1996 dollars! This is one of roughly 40 total Powerstrokes that were built. So much for the history of these trucks. Well below is an animal of another sort. I have been longing for one of these ever since I same the biggest truck on the beach back in 1990. What I started out with what was a stock truck and began reconstruction. I am selling because I have sold my 32ft toyhauler and am going in a different direction.It has a custom 9" lift. and runs 38.5" tires. I am listing some of the things it has in the list below, here goes:

9" custom lift: Includes ORU Shackle Reversal, 5" front lift springs. Front double shock hoops, .driverside has built-in tracbar relocator.The front has 4 Procomp adjustable remote reservoir shocks, 2 per side. Custom no stress heim jointed trac bar. Lowered pitman arm. All Hardware is L9 or grade 9, beefier than grade 8 even. Everything was overbuilt on this truck. Custom billet aluminum steering dampner, extended lengthen stainless steel brake lines front and rear as well as axle vent lines, stainless steel hardlines. Custom Sway bar struts with heim jointed upper ends. Front reverse cut high pinion dana 60 with 4.11 gears and Dynatrac Nodular Iron front differential cover, Lengthened front drive shaft and u-joints, It has a Mag-Hytec large capacity aluminum transmission pan, upper and lower ball joints have been replaced with Napas best HD joints, I converted the auto locking front hubs to manuals, using Milemarker Stainless steel premium hubs(I am including the autos if you want them), it also has a rebuilt steering box a couple of months ago and hoses, the water pump and vacuum pump and timing belt was also replaced. Airfilter was changed to an oiled type. It has Procomp simulated beadlock alloy rims 16.5" x 9.75" and 38.5" Parnelli Jones Dirts were mounted. The front grill has been swapped to a billet aluminum(I am including the stock chrome grill), and clear lenses replace the amber front turn signals, I also installed Sylvania silver star bulbs( they are very bright and not those tinted bulbs that actually lessens the output, I am including the amber lenses). Has tubular side nerf bars with steps(very HD they have some marks from our excursions( this was an expeditionary rig and not a babied street pounder, so it has some scars). The rear end also has 4.11 gears has the extended length stainless steel brakelines and ventlines, the speed sensor was replaced. There are leveling HD airbags installed. The raer has a block lift, longer custom sway bar struts and heimed ends. The rear has single procomp adjustable remote reservoir shocks, the reservoirs are mounted high on the it's own hoop. The rear also has a custom HD shackle flip. The rear drive shaft was also lengthened and balanced to accomodate the new lift. The rear has a custom hitch,( as I said i pulled a 32ft toyhauler. It needs to be replaced as it tore apart at the welds so it is not safe to tow with. I have some custom bulbs in the rear tailights and I a including some clear lenses that are not DOT approved if you want them, they match the front clear lenses.It has reae sliding windows on the removable top, I have not opened them( I am including the original solid glass rear windows). The rear door and rear windows are tinted. It is set up for rear tow brakes all you need is a brake controller as I am not including the one that is in it as I am going to reuse it on the next vehicleThat is most of the outside description, along with assorted dings and scratches.

Let's go to the inside: 4sp auto, 4x4 with shifter on the floor, PS,tilt column, PDW,PDL,cruise control, front and rear A/C, three rows of seat 8 passenger 2 front buckets ,drivers is power, middle split tumble bench, rear bench folds open flat to make a mini bed. Single CD player, 10.4 drop flip DVD screen/player combo. It has auto dimming rear mirror as well as lighted his and her visors. Seating is tan leather. By the way it has a dash cover and the dash is uncracked or faded. Well I have talked it up but I will also tell you want you have been waiting for what it needs. So hear goes.

Wants or things that I would give attention to in the future:

Tires s they are gettin worn especially the rears, you could get by another year with just replacing 2 and swap the fronts to the back. The Parnellis have been great.
May want to swap the rear blocks and install a new leaf pack, I have towed like this with no problems, but if it suits you then ?
Replace the rear hitch, I would not even try to repair the existing one, it is on there right now only to fill the gap.
Purchase a brake controller after you get a hitch, it plugs right in under the dash down the center of the dash.
The rear passenger door rod has probably come off and it wont open, both rear power windows need the plastic gears replaced( a cheap fix, but time consuming)
and the rear rivers side door power door lock acutator has up as it it weak) The rear doors need the most R and R, as they are used by the kids, they are normal wear and tear things that have just not gotten to. I have been told that a powerchip really makes these things go, but we never installed one.I am also including a few things, heres a list:

Stock grill
Stock amber turn signal lenses
Clear rear tail lenses
New in box front brake rotor
New in Box Carbon metallic front disc pads
New in Box rear brake shoes, and hardware kit
The pictures show an rear chrome bumper that is not included as it is no longer available, The safari roof rack is not included as it belongs to my early Bronco. The personalized lincense platea are also not included. This truck would make a great candidate for further modification and restoration. It is far from perfect, but with some work would be someones pride and joy. It was for us, but with my oldest going to college and the middle one 2 years behind, it doesn't make sense to have have a rig designed to tow large things when I no longer possess them and the kids are driving themselves. So i pass on this unique rig to that next owner. It has seen the coast a multitude of times pulling big loads as well as seen the mountains again pulling loads and many a trip into baja and many a remote beach head there. I am sure something has been left out, but you can take a look and see if this fits your lifestyle. I am firm on the best offer over $10,000 and that would be in cash, no checks, Money Orders or cashiers checks. No trades please, unless you have $10,000 in cash + something else. I have the title and it is clean and free of liens. The truck was just placed on Non-op, but I will pay the registration when sold. There are no warranties included or implied, I am not a dealership.
Big K
424.JPGstroke24 viewsstrokeameigh
6_4Exhaust.jpg6.4L TT Power Stroke Exhaust Diagram 480 viewsFrom this page, K
alltrucks.jpgHave Some Powerstrokes!113 viewsBig K
attachment.pdfFord Power Stroke 6.4L Twin Turbo PDF577 viewsFord Power Stroke 6.4L Twin Turbo PDFBig K
BigStroker.jpg245 viewsTbar
d7e8re2.jpgPOWER STROKE 9727 viewsHEAVY DUTY 250 Davidpsd
DSC01588~0.JPGdieselroller's 96 powerstroke/5" stacks75 views96' powerstroke with 5" stacks, edge programmer, downpipe, and afe stage 2 intake.dieselroller
DSC01589~0.JPGdieselroller's 96 powerstroke/5" stacks73 views96' powerstroke 5" stacks, edge programmer, downpipe,and afe stage 2 intake.dieselroller
DSC01591~0.JPGdieselroller's 96 powerstroke/5" stacks107 views96' powerstroke 5" STACKSdieselroller
DSC01608.JPGdieselroller's 96 powerstroke/5" stacks79 viewsdieselroller
DSC01609.JPGdieselroller's 96 powerstroke/5" stacks69 viewsdieselroller
DSCN0130.MOV20MB File Power Stroke Sled Pulling208 viewsBig K
DSCN0159.MOV9MB File King Ranch Power Stroke Pulling194 viewsBig K
DSCN0168.MOV5MB File 2 Tone Power Stroke Pulling197 viewsBig K
DSCN0173.MOV10MB White Power Stroke Pulling181 viewsBig K
DSCN0355.MOV21MB File Black Power Stroke Pulling148 viewsBig K
DSCN0449.JPGThe Future Stroker is GROWING!242 viewsBig K
DSCN0450.JPGThe Future Stroker is GROWING!226 viewsBig K
DSCN0460.JPGThe Future Stroker is GROWING!206 viewsBig K
dscn2215.jpgMore Powerstrokes!72 viewsBig K
dscn2217.jpgMore Powerstrokes!54 viewsBig K
dscn2230.jpgMore Powerstrokes92 viewsBig K
dscn2231.jpgMore Powerstrokes48 viewsBig K
dscn2232.jpgMore Powerstrokes47 viewsBig K
dscn2233.jpgMore Powerstrokes40 viewsBig K
dscn2241.jpgMore Powerstrokes!55 viewsBig K
dscn2242.jpgMore Powerstrokes!67 viewsBig K
dscn2247.jpgMore Powerstrokes!57 viewsBig K
dscn2265.jpgMore Powerstrokes!106 viewsBig K
dscn2267.jpgMore Powerstrokes71 viewsBig K
dscn2276.jpgMore Powerstrokes!87 viewsBig K
dscn2277.jpgMore Powerstrokes!105 viewsBig K
dscn2278.jpgMore Powerstrokes!83 viewsBig K
dscn2279.jpgMore Powerstrokes!82 viewsBig K
dscn2280.jpgMore Powerstrokes!103 viewsBig K
dscn2281.jpgMore Powerstrokes!82 viewsBig K
dscn2325.jpgTim's truck proudly wearing the North Texas Power Stroke Association's Decal116 viewsBig K
dscn2326.jpgTim's truck proudly wearing the North Texas Power Stroke Association's Decal107 viewsBig K
DSC_0187.JPGOBS82 viewsMy best friend's '97 F-350 Powerstroke, and my two '97 F-250 Powerstrokes.BlueDiesel
IMG_1086.JPG2008 Ford F250 Side view15 views08 Powerstroke with 3 inch lift, banks 5 inch monster exhaust, banks ram cold air intake, banks six gun tuner, that gets 2 to 4 more miles to the gallon, city and highway. Dyno-ed at 435 hp and 810 torque....ab69
Irving_OBS_PSD.jpgIrving Texas OBS Power Stroke Truck124 viewsBig K
My_Truck_001~0.jpg124 viewsI do believe this frame sits higher then the frame that was originally on this truck. But thats fine.. I have wanted this truck since i first seen it and wanted to keep the body so when i got the chance to make my truck to a powerstroke i jumped on the chance to do so and bought a 94 powerstroke and swapped the bodies out so i could have the body i like with the power of a powerstroke. I'm excited to get my dash put back together and seats in and all the wiring put back in.. just can't wait to drive it. Will post pictures as this project progresses..bigtooter73
NOrth%20%20Texas%20Power%20Strokes%20001.jpg17 views99whitepsd
NOrth%20%20Texas%20Power%20Strokes%20002.jpg18 views99whitepsd
NOrth%20%20Texas%20Power%20Strokes%20003.jpg18 views99whitepsd
NOrth%20%20Texas%20Power%20Strokes%20004.jpg13 views99whitepsd
Photo_Shoot_3_quarter_2.jpg3/4 87 viewsJust a clean shot of the truckhpprose
power-stroke-6_7l-dies-1280.jpg161 viewsBig K
power-stroke-inboard-exhaust.gif156 viewsBig K
power-stroke-turbo-mount.gif162 viewsBig K
powerstroke.jpg12 viewswildphil
powerstroke2.jpg52 viewswRAiTh
powerstroke3.jpg12 viewsFirst time out in the mudwildphil
PrestigePowerStrokeRally.pdfPrestige Ford Rally PDF370 viewsMarch 18th, 2006 @ Prestige Ford in Garland, TexasBig K
PrestigePowerStrokeRally.pdf139 viewsBig K
stroke.jpg48 viewsx3Austin Monk
stroke2.jpg42 viewsx2Austin Monk
stroke3.jpgstroke81 viewsJust got done cleanin er up.Austin Monk
stroke_002.JPGBefore the Rally13 views95 F350
stroke_003.JPG13 views95 F350
stroke_004.JPGNow13 views95 F350
Trusted_Performance_Towing_Compoundssmall.jpgTrusted Performance 6.0 Power Stroke Powerstroke Compounds twins223 viewsTrusted Performance 6.0 Power Stroke Powerstroke Compounds twins1 commentshpprose
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