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new-tires_001.jpgpassenger's front92 viewsPassenger's side front wheel.therealdgh
new-tires_002.jpgpassenger's rear91 viewsPassenger's side rear wheel.therealdgh
new-tires_004.jpgdriver's rear89 viewsDriver's side rear wheel.therealdgh
new-tires_005.jpgtread pattern88 viewsHere is the tread pattern on the Silent Armours. Notice the two "channels". I think this idea comes from Godyear's Aquatread design to channel the water away from the center. Whatever the reasoning, I have yet to slip except on ice in these tires on my Explorer. And, they are quiet too. :)therealdgh
new-tires_003.jpgdriver's front81 viewsDriver's side front wheel.therealdgh
jims-ex.wavcicada noise in '00 Ex80 viewsThis is an audio clip of a noise in a 2000 Excursion 7.3L. The noise sounds sort of like a cicada chirping. It can be heard over the engine noise going up and down in a cyclic pattern.therealdgh
piratebar5.jpgPirate bar 376 viewstherealdgh
piratebar8.jpgPirate bar 169 viewstherealdgh
piratebar9.jpgPirate Bar 264 viewsCan you find the fridge?therealdgh
loose-pulley-sound.wavpossible loose pulley?56 viewsThis is the sound my truck has been making for the past couple days. Don't know what it is, but it does this at 1500 RPM and tapers off at higher RPMs, but is still barely audible. Is this a pulley going out?therealdgh
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